#BULOVAcode Contest 06/11/2013

Bulova’s challenging “Bulova Code” contest, which tasks fans with solving a series of seven increasingly difficult puzzles to crack a complex code, has yet to find its winner. The contest was designed to highlight Bulova’s involvement in the summer blockbuster White House Down, starring Channing Tatum, whose character wears a Bulova Hack watch in the movie.

The handsome Hack watch has real life ties to Washington dating back to WWII. Standard issue among US troops, the innovative watch played an important role by allowing soldiers to synchronize or “hack” their watches to coordinate movements down to the second. This modern version pays homage to the original aesthetic, with a modern flair.

The week-long, social media-wide “Bulova Code” contest began Friday, June 7th, and runs through Friday, June 14th. All of the previously released puzzles are available via the Bulova Code app, where users can catch up and attempt to decipher the code. The first person to successfully input the code via the app will win two tickets to the NYC premiere of White House Down, and a trip for two to the event.

See below for explanations of each puzzle, complete with an answer.

DAY 1: The first and easiest puzzle is an image of a hand holding tickets to White House Down. Certain letters are bolded on the ticket, revealing the word "How".

DAY 2: The second puzzle is a Soundcloud file with morse code audio, spelling out the second piece of the code - "Much".

DAY 3: The third puzzle is solved by connecting a series of seven words by changing only one letter at a time. Reaching the center of the puzzle leaves the word "Have".

DAY 4: The fourth puzzle utilizes flag semaphore to visually represent the next piece of the code, "I".

DAY 5: Letters of a word are broken up into shards which players have to manipulate digitally or physically print out and piece together like a jigsaw puzzle. When pieced together, the word that's formed is "Tell".

DAY 6: This completely unique puzzle is comprised of nine letters — eight surrounding a central one. Navigating specific paths, six of those eight letters form 3+ letter words. By process of elimination, the remaining two form the sixth piece of the code, "Me".

DAY 7: The last puzzle features an image of two clocks. Players have to figure out the final piece of the code based on the position of the hands in military time, and the corresponding letters the hands indicate. The hands spell out, "Time".

The final code, taken from a line in White House Down, is "Tell me how much time I have."